Below is the listing of the members of the various Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees.

Last updated:  12/13/2018

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Water Authority
Parking Authority

Blighted Property Review Committee

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana [Executive Branch]
Jonathan Williamson [City Council Representative]
Stephanie Young Community Development Director]
Christopher Keiser [Planning Commission Member]
Phil Preziosi [Redevelopment Authority Member]
Janet McDermott [Citizen-At-Large]

Bowman Field Commission

Matt Hutchinson
Frank Lupacchino
Wayne Fausnaught
Louis Hunsinger, Jr.
Jason Fink, Chamber
Bonnie Katz [Council Rep.] (Per ordinance)
Mayor Gabriel J. Campana [Ex Officio]
William Nichols, Public Service Director [Ex Officio]

Building Code Appeal Board

Melissa Rakish
Walter Nyman
Anthony Visco
William Ertel
Frank Lundy
Melissa Rackish
David Daneker

Community Gas Exploration Task Force

Jonathan Williamson, Council Rep.
Bill Hall, Council Rep. Alternate

Fire Civil Service Commission

Raymond L. Danneker
James E. Beamer
Stephen H. Hertel, Sr.

Greater Williamsport Alliance

Bill Hall
Jonathan Williamson
N. Clifford Smith
Randall J. Allison
Elizabeth Miele
Bonnie Katz
Don Noviello

Historic Architectural Review Board

John Kohl
Robert E. Kane, Jr. [Chairman]
Charles Protasio
Nan Young [Secretary]
John DeSantis
Shirley Abernathy
Chris Cooley
Anthony H. Visco, Jr. [Architect]
Vacant [Planning Commission Rep]
Mary Rucinski [Historic Preservation Officer [Codes Officer]

Mayor’s Advisory Committee

Don Noviello, Chair [Members Listing in Mayor’s Office]

Municipal & School Tax Advisory Board

Council Rep, Jonathan Williamson
Alt Council Rep, Randy Allison
WASD Representative
County Commissioner

Parking Authority

Anthony J. Cipolla [Chair]
Lee Dawson
Jared Kinley
Rose Choate
Marc Shefsy
Todd Wright, Manager of Contract Services
William E. Nichols, Jr., Director. of Administration

Planning Commission – Williamsport

Chelsea Rawson
Christopher E. Keiser
Cindy Eister
Sam Washington
Harry Sechler
Charles Plankenhorn
William R. Rischar
Matthew Banaskie
Danielle Roslebich
Tony Nardi
Community Development Specialist [Stephanie Young]
Secretary, Codes Dept.

Police Civil Service Commission Board

Curley Jett
Michael Foust
James R. Dougherty, Jr.

Recreation Commission

Rodney Morgan
Ralph Keller
Becky Lunday
Kimberly Ann Whittington
Kathy Fenstermaker
Council Rep, Bonnie Katz
Council Rep, Don Noviello [Alternate]
Justin Simpson (per employment)

Redevelopment Authority

P. Nayo Brown
Phillip E. Preziosi
James W. Graham
Thomas P. McDermott
Jennifer Matz

Step Board, Inc.

Randall J. Allison [Council Rep]

Urban Homestead Selection Board

Mayor, Gabriel J. Campana [Ex Officio]
Council Rep

WATS Coordinating Committee

Randall J. Allison
Elizabeth Miele

Williamsport Civil Service Board

Raymond Danneker
Melvin Chilson

Youth Commission

Member Listing can be obtained from Officer Manager in Police Administration

Williamsport Municipal Water Authority & Williamsport Sanitary Authority

Eiderson Dean
William Nichols
William Ertel
Steve Cappelli
George Bierman
Thomas Marnon
Greg Zeitler
Cindi Perry
Johnny Meyer

Board of Health

Nicoya Frey
Stephanie K. Smith
Virginia E. Borek
Carla Ware [Alternate]
Vivian L. Hillman
Dr. Rene Regel
Representative, Codes Officer/Restaurant Inspector
Secretary, Codes Department

Brandon Park Commission

Lee Freedman
William McConnell
Thad Meckley
Cindy Cobb
Debbie Allison
Streets & Parks Coordinator

Coalition for a Crime Free Community

Geralyn Fausnaught

Fair Housing Commission

Linda Tokay
Charla Logan Johnson
P. Nayo Brown
Mark F. Holt

Fire Pension Board

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana
Controller, Peg Woodring
Director of Administration, William E. Nichols, Jr.
Secretary, C. Dean Heinbach
Director of Public Safety, Vacant
Member, Mark Webster
Member, Todd Arthur

Hiawatha, Inc.

Jay F. Livziey
Bryan Brooking
William Nichols c/o WBT

Homestead Appeal Board

Council Rep
Council Rep., [Alternate]
Planning Commission Member
Planning Commission Member [Alternate]
Citizen-At-Large [Alternate]

Municipal Authority

Rose M. Choate
Cindi Perry
Charles M. Plankenhorn
Arthur Girio
Dale Stebner
Scott Williams [Solicitor]

Officers & Employees’ Pension Boards

Bill Hall, Council Rep
Randall J. Allison Alternate Council Rep
Mayor, Gabriel J. Campana
Director of Administration, William E. Nichols, Jr.
Controller, Peg Woodring
Employee Rep, Dominick Bragalone
Employee Rep, Bill Schweikart

Penn College Student Government Advisory Council

Gabriel J. Campana, Mayor

Plumbing Examiner’s Board

Gregory Pfleegor
Joseph Gerardi
Virginia Borek, Board of Health Rep

Police Pension Board

Johnathan Williamson
Joel Henderson
Bonnie Katz
Don Noviello
N. Clifford Smith
Randall J. Allison
Elizabeth Miele
Agt. Steve Sorage, FOP Representative

Redevelopment Authority

Rodney Morgan
Ralph Keller
Becky Lunday
Kimberly Ann Whittington
Kathy Fenstermaker
Council Rep, Bonnie Katz
Council Rep, Don Noviello [Alternate]
Justin Simpson (per employment)

Shade Tree Commission

David Myers
Frank Pugliese
Sally Weigand
Richard James
Ray B. Evans, III.

Tax Appeal Board

Andrie Phillips
William Hawkes
Herbert H. Wescott
Paul J. Gedroiz

Veterans Memorial Park Commission

Debra S. Foresburg (Cpt.)
Donald L. Koons
John O. Markley [Secretary]
Benjamin Larenson
Philip A. Petter
Jess P. Hackenburg, II. [Chair]
Charles E. Smith
Howard E. Wilt

Ways Gardent Commission

Williams Knecht
Robert Esposito
David R. Bahl
Mayor, Gabriel J. Campana [Ex Officio]
Jean T. Heller

Zoning Hearing Board

Linda H. Crockett
Judy Sarett
Bonita Kolb
Mary Lou Baldys
Mary Zeitler
William Miele [2nd Alternate]
Joseph Musto [Solicitor]
Gary Knarr, Zoning Officer