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The Williamsport Bureau of Fire is comprised of two divisions, Operations and Prevention.

The services provided by these two divisions include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire suppression
  • Vehicle rescue
  • Water rescue
  • Technical rescue
  • Emergency medical quick response (EMS & QRS)
  • Fire inspections
  • Fire investigations
  • Public fire safety education
  • Emergency Management Administration and operations
  • Preparedness education
  • Hazard Control

The Bureau of Fire operates with a four (4) Platoon system with one (1) platoon chief and (6-7) fire personnel assigned to a platoon.

The front line assignment for the Bureau is two (2) engines, one; 100 foot ladder tower/ladder and a command vehicle.  A minimum of six (6) personnel are on duty at all times.  In addition to the front line apparatus other equipment includes:

  • (2) Reserve pumper
  • Rescue boat(s)
  • Utility truck
  • Staff vehicles

The Bureau has members trained in specialty areas.  All personnel are trained in surface water rescue and rescue boat operations.  In addition we have an underwater search and rescue team.  There are members from the Bureau who are part of the Pennsylvania Urban Search & Rescue Team Company 6

The Bureau formed an alliance with Old Lycoming Township Volunteer Fire Company on September 19, 1999.  Old Lycoming provides all equipment including one (1) engine and living quarters.  The Bureau provides the staffing of two (2) personnel; 24-7, and is supplemented with volunteers who meet the Bureau’s requirements.  In the event of a greater alarm fire, Old Lycoming Fire Company makes all of their manpower and apparatus available to the City.  In turn the City responds an engine on all calls in the township.

In 2004 the Bureau was given the responsibility of administering emergency management for the City.  The Bureau is responsible for the implementation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for the City.

Todd Heckman
Fire Chief
David Dymeck
Deputy Fire Chief
Mark Killian
Assistant Fire Chief
Renee Smith
Administrative Aide
Sam Aungst
Platoon Chief
Keith Lucas
Fire Engineer
Mike Gardner
Fire Engineer
Sherman Heaster
Fire Engineer
Kevin Breen
Fire Engineer
Gabe Weaver
Fire Fighter
Vince Rundio
Platoon Chief
Dave Weaver
Maintenance Engineer
Jeff Vogt
Fire Engineer
Jeremy Vogt
Fire Engineer
Neil Hensler
Fire Engineer
Kevin Hurne
Fire Engineer
Joel Shirn
Fire Fighter
Greg Delany
Fire Fighter
Frank Shank
Platoon Chief
John McCann
Fire Engineer
Doug Gipe
Fire Engineer
John Lyons
Fire Engineer
Phil Fagnano
Fire Engineer
Kenny Smith
Fire Engineer
Mike Bastian
Fire Fighter
Russ Clemons
Platoon Chief
Todd Aruther
Fire Engineer
Craig Bierly
Fire Engineer
Bob Losell
Fire Engineer
Tracey Harer
Fire Engineer
James Baker
Fire Engineer