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Can You Become a Home Owner?

The City offers a homebuyer assistance program to help income eligible households become owner occupants of single family housing in the City of Williamsport.

Home Buyer Assistance G A P Financing Program

With Federal HOME funds, the City of Williamsport can help eligible households purchase a home in the City of Williamsport.  A maximum of 20% of the purchase price is available as a 0% interest, deferred repayment loan. The following guidelines must be met.

  • The home must be located in the City of Williamsport Corporate limits.
  • The home must be a single family unit.
  • The home must pass a city safe occupancy inspection.
  • Applicant household adults must take a credit counseling class provided by a HUD Certified Agency and taught by a HUD Certified Counsler.
  • The applicant must obtain the maximum private funding available (at least 80% of the purchase price) from private financing sources such as a bank or credit union… (Obtaining pre approval of a first mortgage is recommended)
  • The applicant must contribute from their own savings at least 4% of the purchase price to the project.
  • Standard banking and credit inquiries are part of the City application process.  Credit status and income are verified and are an important consideration.
  • City funds are available as a 0% interest, deferred repayment loan!
  • The property must become and remain the buyer’s primary residence for the loan term.

A request for an application may be submitted by contacting the Community Development Office at 327-7513 or submitting information using the form below.

Credit status and household income are verified and are important considerations. Applicants (households) may not exceed the following HUD income limits.

2020 Income Gross Limits

1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person 6 person 7 person 8 person
$36,350 $41,550 $46,750 $51,900 $56,100 $60,250 $64,400 $68,550

To apply for the Home Buyer GAP Assistance program complete the form below or contact the Community Development Office at 570-327-7513. A print version of the program is available.

Fill out my online form.