The City of Williamsport receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Our objective is to develop a viable community by providing decent housing, improving our living environment, and expanding economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate income persons.   

>notice<<   HOME & CDBG 2019 CAPER REPORTS
CAPER submitted to HUD is available at the above link.

In accordance with the statutory requirements of Title II of the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990, PL101-625 the City of Williamsport submits its 2019 HOME Investments Annual Performance Report and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Report for public comment. These reports describe the level of housing and other assistance provided to low to moderate-income persons and households through the Federal HOME and Community Development Block Grant Programs from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. Copies of the reports are available at the Office of Community Development, City Hall, 245 West 4th Street, Williamsport, Pa 17701, the James V. Brown Library, 19 East 4th Street, and . Written comments should be sent to the attention of Stephanie Young, Director, Community Development Office, 245 West 4th Street, Williamsport, PA 17701, before March 30, 2020<<end of notice>>

Notice of Amendment to the City of Williamsport’s 2018 Action Plan

In accordance with the statutory requirements of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, the regulation of the Consolidated Submission for Community Planning and Development Programs, Part 24 CFR 91.505 (a) (2), the City of Williamsport hereby notifies the public of the following changes to its 2018 Action Plan.  Specifically,

The City has budgeted $34,645.20 for its 2018 CHDO activity.  The City will allocate an additional $35,354.80 of 2018 HOME funds to the 2018 CHDO activity.  The recipient of the CHDO funds is Greater Lycoming Habitat for Humanity and the funds will be for the construction of an owner occupied single family home located at 702 Diamond St.  The additional funds for this activity ($35,354.80) will be transferred from the 2018 Owner Occupied Single Family Rehabilitation activity.  The total amount of funds allocated will be $70,000.00.

A copy of the 2018 Action Plan and the proposed amendment are available for public inspection and review at City Hall, Economic and Community Development Office, 245 West Fourth St.  This notice will also be posted on the City of Williamsport website, the James V. Brown Library, 19 East Fourth St., and the Lycoming County Housing Authority, 505 Center St., Williamsport.

Written comments may be sent to Stephanie P. Young, Director, Economic and Community Development Dept., 245 West Fourth St., Williamsport, PA  17701.  Citizens will have 30 days from the date of this notice to comment on the proposed amendment<<end of notice>>

General Information:  The City offers programs funded with CDBG and HOME to assist eligible owners make repairs to their home, to make accessibility improvements such as ramps, and help eligible households become a city homeowner with a home buyer GAP assistance program.

CDBG Funds also are available for street reconstruction, park renovations and a variety of other eligible infrastructure projects.  Programs and activities are limited to the City of Williamsport.  Income limits apply in most cases.

Federal regulations require at least 70% of CDBG funds benefit low- and moderate-income persons. HOME funds must, through housing related activity, benefit lower income City households.  All activities must meet a national objective, meet funding guidelines and be consistent with the goals and objectives of the City of Williamsport’s Consolidated Plan.

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