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City Council Meetings to Return to in Person

At the June 10th regular meeting of City Council it was voted by Resolution to resume meeting in person for all future bi-weekly meetings.

Starting with the City Council meeting on June 24th, 2021, all regular bi-weekly meetings of the Williamsport City Council will be held at the Trade and Transit Centre II, 144 W 3rd St, Williamsport beginning at 7pm.

Randall Allison

President, City Council


Sealed proposals will be received electronically via PennBid until April 16, 2021 at 1pm for the City of Williamsport – City Hall ADA Ramp.  The project is currently live on PennBid to potential bidders.  The project is located at Williamsport City Hall, 245 West 4th Street, Williamsport, PA.

The project is for the installation of a pre-cast concrete ADA accessible handicap ramp, on the north entrance (Fourth Street Side) of Williamsport City Hall.  Conceptual plans for this project are available on PennBid.  The project delivery will be Design-Build.  Meaning, the awarded contractor will be required to secure the services of a licensed engineer or architect (in Pennsylvania) whom will be required to provide signed and sealed as-built drawings of the subject ramp to the City, upon completion of the project.  The project drawings included within this advertisement may be reused.  A clean, non-marked up version can be provided, if desired.

At this time, a pre-bid meeting is not anticipated.  The built-in questions and answers within the PennBid will be utilized to the maximum extent possible.  If a pre-bid meeting becomes required, a general notification will be sent out to all bidders watching the project.

Please note that the project, as advertised, must be completed by November 5, 2021.  Liquidated damages may be assessed if the project is not complete by this date.

Link to the full project, on PennBid:




Notice is hereby given that the City of Williamsport, PA (City) is currently preparing its FY 2021 Consolidated Annual Action Plan. The City will receive FY 2021 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and will conduct a public hearing on the use of these funds for FY 2021. In accordance with the Final Rule for consolidation of the CDBG and HOME Programs, 24 CFR Part 91, et. al., the City will prepare an Annual Plan, which will be submitted to HUD on or before April 23, 2021.

In accordance with the City’s Citizen Participation Plan, the City will hold a community development and housing needs hearing at the times indicated below; the meeting will be virtual due to the pandemic.

The meeting is scheduled to be held February 18th at 11:00 AM EST. It can be accessed via the link at the city’s website:

Persons requiring special accommodations can make arrangements by contacting the City of Williamsport, Director of Community Development, 245 West Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA 17701 or by phone at (570) 327-7577.

The purpose of these public hearings is to:

  1. Obtain the views and comments of individuals and organizations concerning the City’s housing and community development needs. The information gathered will be used in the preparation of the Consolidated Annual Action Plan submission for the FY 2021 Program Year.
  2. Review the City’s Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships Programs and provide an opportunity for the public to comment on program performance.
  3. Summarize the Consolidated Annual Action Plan process and obtain the views of citizens, public agencies, and others interested in the housing and community development needs of the City.

The City expects to publish a summary of its proposed Annual Action Plan for FY 2021 on or before March 1, 2021. A copy of the document will be placed on public display for a thirty (30) day review period beginning on or before March 15, 2021. A second public hearing will be duly advertised and conducted to present the proposed plan to the public. The City will consider comments on the proposed plan prior to adoption by the Williamsport City Council on or before April 20, 2021. Proper notice of the display date and subsequent public hearing will be properly advertised. The City intends to submit its FY 2021 Annual Action Plan to HUD on or before April 23, 2021.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 1, 2021


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Request for Proposal – Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor Services


The City of Williamsport is requesting sealed proposal for Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor Services.  Proposals are due by Friday, February 12, at 4:00 P.M. EST.  Proposals will be opened on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 10:30 A.M. EST on the third floor of the Trade & Transit II Building.

Proposals shall be mailed or delivered to the Bureau of Codes Department attn. Zoning Administrator, 245 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA 17701.  Proposals must be enclosed in a sealed envelope and marked “RFP for Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor Services.”

Questions regarding this request for proposal shall be directed to Zoning Administrator, Gary Knarr, at

Applicants may download the proposal by going to  homepage and clicking on Latest News.

The Zoning Hearing Board reserve the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, or to accept any part of a proposal without accepting the whole thereof, or to accept such proposal as they deem to be in the best interest of the City.

Zoning Hearing Board

Mary Lou Baldys, Chairwoman

William Miele, Vice Chairman

Zoning Administrator

Gary Knarr




RESPONSES ARE DUE BY February 12, 2021.

Essential Requirements

The Solicitor shall provide comprehensive zoning hearing board legal services to the Williamsport Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor.  The Solicitor shall be licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and may be one person or a law firm, partnership, association or professional corporation.

Legal services provided shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Conduct legal research and provide interpretations of the City’s zoning ordinance or other relevant material and make recommendations;
  • Attend all regular, special, and continued sessions of the Zoning Hearing Board;
  • Research and prepare decisions for Zoning Hearing Board cases;
  • Represent the Zoning Hearing Board in litigation;
  • Assist the Zoning Hearing Board in any other manner that may be necessary; and
  • Cooperate with City Solicitor regarding any matters pertaining to the Zoning Hearing Board.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. At least six (6) years of overall legal experience is preferred.
  1. At least three (3) years of municipal law experience is preferred; or any equivalent combination of acceptable education and experience providing the knowledge, skills and abilities citied above by the assigned attorneys.
  1. Firm and attorneys assigned to work with the City shall have knowledge and familiarity of the City’s operations and legal needs.
  1. Firm and attorneys shall be duly licensed and in good standing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Mandatory Required Information/Documentation:

In addition to demonstrating an ability to meet all minimum qualifications as described above, the respondent must also include and address the following:

  1. Assigned Attorneys: Indicate one (1) attorney within the firm who will be assigned as the Solicitor and indicate any attorneys who will be assigned as the Assistant Solicitor.
  1. Contact Information: Provide the name and address of the firm; the name, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the individual responsible for the preparation of the proposal, and the attorneys who will be assigned to the City.
  1. Resume: This portion of the proposal should include the relevant resume information for the firm and the attorneys who will be assigned. The information should include, at a minimum, a description of relevant professional experience, years and type of experience, and number of years with the firm.
  1. A description of the respondents’ experience in performing services of the type described in this RFP. The respondent shall have experience in municipal law. Provide specific examples of work within the scope of services required under this RFP.
  1. References: Include at least three (3) municipal clients.  Provide the contact names, titles and phone numbers.
  1. An executive summary of not more than two (2) pages, identifying and substantiating why the respondent and the attorneys who will be assigned are best qualified to provide the requested services.
  1. Disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest that the respondent may have in performing services for the City. Please explain how your firm would handle such conflicts and set out any allowance in contract price if the City has to retain other legal counsel because of a conflict of interest with your firm.
  1. The respondent shall describe ability to provide services in a timely fashion including a description of staffing and a description of your familiarity with the services required by the City.
  1. Price: The respondent shall provide a fee structure including the salary of the solicitor and an hourly rate for services to be performed by assistant solicitors and paralegals. The proposal shall detail whether clerical, direct costs or other applicable costs will be billed separately or included in the hourly labor rate.


The Zoning Hearing Board may require interviews from all respondents who score high against the stated criteria. Although interviews may take place, the proposal should be comprehensive and complete.

Selection Process

All proposals shall be reviewed to determine responsiveness and shall be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. a) Ability to meet all minimum qualifications
  2. b) Qualifications and experience
  3. c) Price
  4. d) Other criteria as deemed appropriate

Proposals shall be mailed or delivered to the Bureau of Codes Department attn. Zoning Administrator, 245 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA 17701.  Proposals must be enclosed in a sealed envelope and marked “RFP for Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor Services.”


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Request for Proposal Design Services for the Reconstruction of Willow Street for The City of Williamsport



The City of Williamsport is seeking a proposal from a qualified professional design firm for
“Design Services for the Reconstruction of Willow Street”. The limits of work will be
Willow Street, from its intersection with Market Street extending east to the intersection of
Basin Street in the City of Williamsport, Lycoming County, PA. The total length is
approximately 1290 LF from Market Street to Basin Street. The reconstructed Willow Street
will contain “Green Infrastructure” improvements, as described further herein. It should be
noted that the selected design firm will not be required to provide construction inspection or
construction management. These services will be selected and awarded by PennDOT, and
will likely utilize PennDOT inspectors or PennDOT assigned consultant inspectors.
Consultant teams will be considered, but one lead consultant will be responsible to carry the
contract to completion. The selected firm will be required to deliver the project to PS&E
stage, with signed and sealed plans and all construction specifications, along with a final
construction cost estimate. This will be a PennDOT oversight project. The proposal will be
awarded to a design firm based upon a combination of qualifications and fees proposed for
the project. Selection will not be based on the low bid.
The Request for Proposal may be obtained via e-mail request to

A pre-proposal meeting is not anticipated, or scheduled at this time. Should this change, all
interested parties will be invited to attend one, on-site.

Copies of proposals will be submitted via email to City Hall. Please email them to Janice
Frank, City Clerk on or before October 2, 2020. Email address is:

If additional assistance or information is needed in
delivering the proposal, please contact Jon Sander, City Engineer at, (570-220-1872).


Request for Proposal Design Services for the
Reconstruction of Willow Street For The City of Williamsport

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