City of Williamsport


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The rich and fascinating history of Williamsport began when it was laid out in 1795. In 1806, Williamsport was incorporated as a borough and in 1866 became a city. Michael Ross and Peter Herdic can be credited as the the men who built Williamsport into the booming city it was. Together, they created a thriving mecca of industry and beauty.

Known as the Lumber Capital of the World during the 1800's, Williamsport was producing 350 million board feet per day during peak production, the highest level of production of lumber in the world. As a result of the logging industr y many millionaires evolved. As their millions allowed, huge, majestic homes were built. Today, the Historical Preservation Society is striving to revive and maintain the eclectic mix of architectural design that exists along Millionaires Row.

Also credited to the lumber barons of the time is the advancement of public transportation. Standing up to the reputation of the city of millionaires, Williamsport forged ahead and in 1865 the first streetcar was functioning. By 1891, Williamsport had electric streetcars, one year ahead of Philadelphia. The transportation of days gone by is still available today. Charming and antiquated replica trolleys are available for tours of the "Millionaires Row" Historic District and other sites of interest in the city.