City of Williamsport


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Within 90 days after the end of our program year, the City of Williamsportsubmits a Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) to HUD. By providing detailed financial and beneficiary information, the CAPER, in combination with the HOME Investment Partnership Report, explains how the City carries out housing and community development strategies, projects, and activities. This information available to the public. These reports can be viewed on line, in hard copy at the Community Development Office or J.V. Brown Library. HUD reviews the city CAPER and HOME Reports. HUD comments are provided through the "Annual Community Assessment Letter".

A Consolidated Plan is prepared every three to five years in accordance with part 91 of Title 24 of the Federal Register. It describes anticipated needs, resources, priorities and proposed activities planned to be undertaken with respect to HUD programs, including CDBG, HOME, ESG.

An Action Plan is prepared yearly with community imput.  It presents anticipated resources, priorities, and proposed activities for the year.