City of Williamsport

Income Limits

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The Community Development Block Grant and HOME Programs have household income limits that are prepared and published by HUD each year. Your gross household income determines your eligibility for Community Development   Programs. This includes CDBG, HOME and other funding sources.

In most cases, your gross family or household income (counting income from all sources) may not exceed the "Max" or 80% income level for your household size.

2016 80%  Income limits (2017 will be posted as they become available)
   Household        Size    1 Person  2 Person  3 Person  4 person  5-person  6-person
Max Household Income $32,550 $37,200 $41,850 $46,500 $50,250 $53,950

For more information on income limits, how we determine eligibility, and how this affects your eligibility for Community Development Programs, contact our office at 570-327-7511.