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The Office of Economic & Community Development offers various Home Rehabilitation & Repair Programs.  These programs are described below.  To apply for a program you can complete and submit the form below or call our office at 327-7511.  Indicate which program you are interested in if using the form below. 

Remember these programs are limited to the City of Williamsport.  Also all programs have income limits and many programs have waiting lists.  Call our office for the current income limits by household size or go to the Income Limit page on this site. 

Handicapped Accessibility Home Improvement Program 
We offer a grant for Home Accessibility Improvements to residential properties within the City of Williamsport, that are occupied by low to moderate income households with persons having disabling conditions. Work items covered under this program include Railings, Ramps, Door Way Adjustments, Bath Room modifications and more. A maximum of $5,000 is available to eligible applicants. HUD household income limits apply and a wait list is maintained.

Click here to see the current household income limits.
Complete the form below, or call our office at (570) 327-7511 to add your name to the Accessibility Waiting List

Owner Occupied Single Family Rehabilitation .
Do you own your home and does your home need repairs?  This program helps repair owner occupied, single family homes located within Williamsport's City limits. Grants and very low interest or deferred repayment loans are available to qualified households. 

There are Income Limits. The amount of grant or loan funding you receive is based upon your gross family or household income.

Under this program your home must be brought to MINIMUM current Code, Rehabilitation and Safety Standards. Common work items are electrical up date, roofing, spouting, sidewalks, smoke alarms, insulation, plumbing, flooring, and window replacement. All city residential property owners are encouraged to apply. Make sure your home is safe!

Please complete the form below or call our office at 570-327-7511 to add you name to the Owner Occupied Single Family Waiting List.

Residential Rental Rehabilitation.
(We are not currently accepting applications for this program) If you own a Williamsport rental property containing 7 or fewer units we offer a 3% interest Loan with a 15 year repayment term for property repairs and improvements. You will be required to correct all code violations and hazards in the building. The actual amount of funding depends upon the number of units in the building and the rehabilitation needs.  Funding for this program is limited.

Owners of doubles, duplexes and other multi family housing are also encouraged to apply. All code, safety and weatherization items are eligible under this program. Units must be occupied by predominately lower to moderate income tenants at an affordable rent.     Click Here for Tenant Income Limits.

Complete the form below to apply for the Rental Rehabilitaiton Waiting List or or call our office at 570-327-7511. 

Remember to indicate what Program you are interested in (Accessibility or Owner Occupied) and to provide the required information.  Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.   Thank you.

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