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Today, the James V. Brown Library is finding a balance between books and technology. Our customers value both the traditional services, and readily use the new technology based services. Hundreds of people a week use the web while at the library. The library's website receives thousands of visits per month.

Hundreds of babies, toddlers and preschool children enjoy a story time and select books either in the Youth Services Department or from the traveling Story mobile. The library now teaches people to read through the Learning Center. While located in the quiet woods of North Central PA, the Brown Library is the tenth busiest library in the state, and owns several "one of a kind" collections not found in other metropolitan libraries.

Today about half the people who visit the James V. Brown Library come for a good book or to read. The other half come for other reasons; seeking information for work,school, or personal development.

The Brown Library is one of Williamsport's most handsome historic buildings. Though the facility has been renovated over the years to increase space, efficiency, and to accommodate ongoing changes in technology - it still remains true to its 1907 Victorian charm. Even more important, the library remains true to its original mission: to enable people to be the best they can be, to grow, to learn and to enjoy their lives while learning!

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