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Spring Cleanup: 
The Williamsport Spring Cleanup coincides with annual Earth Day activities, is usually during the last two weeks in April. The scheduled pickup for 2016 is from Monday, April 18 until Friday, May 6.  City crews pick up yard debris, which includes tree limbs, branches, hedge clippings, leaves, etc. (NO GRASS CLIPPINGS OR TRASH).

Place these items in the street along the curb line. Also, it is not designed for a property owner to cut down whole trees and/or entire shrub rows for curbside pickup.
For information about National Earth Day activities Earth Day Link

City Mulching Site Information
The mulch site at 1550 West Third Street is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am-6:30 pm, for City of Williamsport residents only, to dispose of brush and leaves. Please do not leave your container or bag at the site after disposal.

Mulching Site Rules and Regulations:

  • Brush only
  • City residents only
  • NO contractors - unless permit obtained through Codes office
  • NO plastic bags
  • NO grass clippings
  • NO boards or lumber
  • NO appliances of any kind
  • NO junk or household trash
  • Violators Will Be Prosecuted
  • Area is under video surveilance

Recycling Areas:
There are one recycling area in the city, located in the west end of the city, located at 1750 West Third Street. It is just West  of the West Third Street bridge which runs over Lycoming Creek.

Acceptable Items for recycling include clear glass, brown glass, green glass, aluminum and tin cans, newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard, plastic PETE #1, and plastic HDPE # 2.       

Not acceptable: Oil or anti-freeze containers, butter or other bowls, plate glass, mirrors, auto glass, ceramics, window glass, TV's, fiberglass, China, earthen ware, pottery, pyrex/cooking glass, drinking glasses or light bulbs.

Lycoming County offers curbside pickup to residents biweekly. Items picked up at curbside include aluminum cans, tin cans, clear glass, brown glass and green glass. Recycling buckets are available at no charge at the Public Services Building, 1550 West Third Street. For more information on recycling, call the county's hotline number at 1-800-736-7559.

Please visit the Lycoming County Resource Management page for additional options in recycling White Goods/Appliances, Electronics, Used Oil, Tires, Batteries 

Leaf Pickup
Beginning in mid October and continuing through December, the department will collect leaves placed along the curbs on main streets. Streets will be cleaned on an ongoing basis during the pickup period. Once a street has been cleaned it will be at least one week until crews return. When raking leaves into the street, maintain an area for water runoff, and keep the catch basins free of leaves to avoid flooding. NO limbs, branches or bags are to be placed in the street with the leaves. The leaf machines are not designed to pick up these items.