City of Williamsport

Street Lights

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Street Light Outages:
To report a City Street Light outage:
Contact the Streets and Parks Dispatcher at 570-326-4684, or,
Report the outage at Williamsport Streetlight Reporter.
You must have the street light pole number and location. Allow up to 7 days for the repair.

Reserved Parking Signs:
The City of Williamsport will install "Handicapped Reserved Parking Signs" at the home of residents with special needs. The following items are necessary when requesting a sign:


  • A copy of your handicap placard or vehicle registration card.
  • If you are a renter, a letter from the property owner granting permission to install the sign.(No letter necessary if it is an owner occupied home)
  • $100.00 fee is charged for the sign & before sign is errected, payment must be paid in full, with a check made out to the City of Williamsport. No partial payments. No credit card payment.
  • Allow up to 7 days for installation.

Remember, although the sign is erected adjacent to your property, it is on a public right-of-way, which allows any individual with a handicap placard or license plate to park there.

Private Drive Signs
Signs identifying private driveways can be erected for a fee of $100.00. The driveway must meet code specifications. Before sign is erected payment must be paid in full. No parial payments. No credit card payment. Payment must be with a check made out to the City of Williamsport. Allow up to 7 days to erect sign. If a vehicle is blocking a private driveway, The Williamsport Bureau of Police is the enforcing body.

Pothole Repairs:
The City of Williamsport Pothole Hot Line is open 24/7. Call 570-326-6399 to report a pothole located on City maintained streets.