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City of Williamsport
Williamsport City Hall
245 West Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

On September 2, 2014 Kyle Quinlan became a fire fighter with the W.B.F.  Please help us in congratulating him on his new career. 

Welcome to the family Kyle.






Fire Prevention Week is October 5th to 11th, 2014.




If you would like to schedule Fire Prevention Education for your school, workplace or other establishment, please call Renee Smith, Administrative Aide at (570) 327-1602 to set up an appointment.


Williamsport Bureau of Fire

Fire Headquarters
440 Walnut Street
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 327-1602
Fax:     (570) 327-1536


About the Williamsport Bureau of Fire

Fire Department BadgeThe Williamsport Bureau of Fire serves the City of Williamsport which serves as the county seat for Lycoming County, PA. The City is located in the north central part of the state along the west branch of the Susquehanna River. The City encompasses over nine square miles and has a permanent population of approximately 30,000 residents as well as nine-thousand college students.

The Williamsport Bureau of Fire was organized in 1874 and has served as the only career fire department in Lycoming County.



The Bureau of Fire is a Career Fire department with a staff of 33 sworn personnel and one Administrative Aide. 

C. Dean Heinbach, Fire Chief

Fire Chief, C. Dean Heinbach
The Williamsport Bureau of Fire is under the direct supervision of C. Dean Heinbach, Fire Chief.

Telephone:  (570) 327-1534

Deputy Fire Chief, Dave Dymeck
Telephone:  (570) 327-1602
Assistant Fire Chief, Todd Heckman
Telephone:  (570) 329-3820 
Fire Inspector,
Telephone:  (570) 329-3821 
Administrative Aide, Reneé Smith
Telephone:  (570) 327-1602 


Platoons at the Williamsport Bureau of Fire

“A” Platoon

“B” Platoon

Platoon Chief
Maintenance Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer

Frank Shank
Mark Webster
Noel Ferari
Steve Kavalecs
Keith Lucas
Mike Gardner
Sherman Heaster
Kevin Breen

Platoon Chief
Maintenance Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Fighter


Vince Rundio
Dave Weaver
Jeff Vogt
Neil Hensler
Mark Killian
Jeremy Vogt
JJ Lyons
Kyle Quinlan


“C” Platoon

“D” Platoon

Platoon Chief 
Fire Engineer 
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer

Sam Aungst
Doug Gipe
John McCann
Phil Fagnano
John DeWald
Kevin Hurne
Ken Smith

Platoon Chief
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer
Fire Engineer

Russ Clemons
Todd Arthur
Bob Losell
Craig Bierly
Tim Garman
Tracey Harer
James Baker


The Williamsport Bureau of Fire is comprised of two divisions, Operations and Prevention.

The services provided by these two divisions include, but are not limited to, fire suppression, vehicle rescue, water rescue, technical rescue, emergency medical quick response, fire inspections, fire investigations, public fire safety education, emergency management administration and operations, as well as preparedness education.

The Bureau of Fire operates with a four platoon system with one platoon chief and 6 firefighters assigned to a platoon. Currently over 95% of our personnel are Fire Fighter I certified.

The front line assignment for the Bureau is two engines, one 100 foot ladder tower and a command vehicle. A minimum of seven personnel are on duty at all times. In addition to the front line of apparatus other equipment includes two reserve pumpers, one rescue boat, a utility truck and two staff vehicles for administrative staff.

The Bureau has several members trained in specialty areas. All personnel are trained in surface water rescue and rescue boat operations. In addition we have an underwater search and rescue team. There are six members of the Bureau who are part of the Pennsylvania Urban Search & Rescue Team Squad 2 and several members who are part of the Lycoming County Technical Rescue and Hazardous Materials Decontamination teams.

The Bureau formed an alliance with Old Lycoming Township Volunteer Fire Company on September 19, 1999. Old Lycoming provides all equipment including one engine and living quarters. The Bureau provides the staffing of two personnel 24-7, and is supplemented with volunteers who meet the Bureau's requirements. In the event of a greater alarm fire Old Lycoming Fire Company makes all of their manpower and apparatus available to the City. In turn the City responds an engine on all calls in the township.

In 2004 the Bureau was given the responsibility of administering emergency management for the City. The Bureau is responsible for the implementation of the National Incident Management System for the City, maintaining the City emergency operations plan, two emergency operations centers, six early warning sirens, and the training of all emergency operations center personnel.

In 2011 the Williamsport Bureau of Fire and Susquehanna Regional Emergency Medical Service joined forces to align together for a shared use of the Company #4 Firehouse on Almond Street.  This agreement allows for the housing of a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU).  This also provides for a quicker response time for EMS throughout the city and also assists the city in maintaining a city owned property.  Since the agreement, the building has been upgraded with new electrical wires and some other updates and is now occupied 24/7.

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