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Gabe Campana - Mayor of Williamsport Mayor Gabriel Campana

"Williamsport, a proud past,
a promising future."

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City of Williamsport
Williamsport City Hall
245 West Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA 17701


The Millionaires' Row Historic District



Click to view a detailed map of the M R District The Millionaires Row Historic District is a Local and Nationally Registered District with distinctive buildings significant to our history. The Williamsport Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) reviews exterior renovations, changes and construction planned in the district.  

For information about Williamsport history visit "A Pictorial History of Lycoming county #2"

In preparation for an update to the 1974 Lycoming County Historic Preservation Plan, a City of "Williamsport Historic Structures Survey"  has been completed and is now available for public view.     

The HARB Review Process
If your property is in the Historic District, you must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) before performing exterior alterations, including but not limited to, repairs, improvements, demolitions, fences, construction or signs. The Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) reviews the applications. There is no fee for a review.  You or your representative should attend the meeting to clarify any questions about the work.
  Click on the map to view a detailed district map in Adobe format. 

Applications are obtained at City Hall, Community Development, 245 West Fourth Street, Williamsport, PA, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  You may download a HARB Application here.  An application requires a work description, photographs of the building and work area, and samples, brochures or other information about the materials you plan to use.  Drawings and elevations are required for construction, re-construction and projects proposing removal or changes to historic features.   

If you want to replace a historic feature, such as windows, porch railings or wood siding, or to demolish a structure, you must document the condition of the feature or structure and support your request for replacement or removal. New construction, including porches, fire escapes, additions or garages, require detailed drawings and plans. You must also consult with the Codes/Zoning Office and verify if a Building Permit or Zoning change is required.

HARB sends a recommendation regarding your proposal to City Council.  City Council issues Certificates of Appropriateness. You have the right to discuss your application with them. To arrange this, contact the City Clerk. 

HARB Review COA Information
Due Date for COA Applications Applications, with supporting documentation, are due by 3:30 PM the Wednesday before the meeting. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.
Meeting Time and Location HARB reviews applications in City Hall Council Chambers at 6:30 PM, usually on the third Tuesday of each month. Call Community Development to verify meeting dates.
Basis for the HARB Review HARB bases its review on the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation. A description of the Standards can be found at: National Parks Service-Standards
 The Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Only items listed on a COA are approved. COA's have an expiration date. Approved work must begin within six months of the COA date and completed within two years. The COA is not a Building Permit. A Building Permit is a separate application that you obtain from the Bureau of Codes.


Historic Property Guides & Helpful Hints

Williamsport Booklets

Historic Property Owners - A Guide  -  A Guide for Standard Actions (How to)


Introduction to the Williamsport Historic District


National Register of Historic Places

NPS Tip Sheet

Saving Your Wood Windows

NPS List

List of Registered Historic Markers in Lycoming County

PA / Federal Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credits  (RITC)

The RITC is a program providing owners of historic properties with valuable tax credits. Under the RITC certain expenses incurred in connection with rehabilitating an old, income producing  building are eligible for a tax credit.  The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission administers the program. 

RITCs are available to owners of income-producing properties. There are two rates—20% for a historic building and 10% for a non-historic building, with different qualifying criteria for each rate. Information, tax application forms, and instructions are available from the Bureau for Historic Preservation. Click here for more information on the Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program or contact Steve Delp at (717) 214-8649.  As with any tax law, there are restrictions that may affect your ability to make use of these tax benefits. 

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