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The codified ordinances are updated at the beginning of the year and contain all applicable ordinances passed from the previous year. Below are links to the codification along with a link to search other municipalities ordinances. Ordinances that have not yet been codified can be found below under the heading "Ordinances Not Yet Codified".

codified ordinances updated

2010 Budget
Codified Ordinances of the City of Williamsport
Codified Ordinances of Municipalities within the Commonwealth (Searchable Format)

ordinances not yet codified

6158 1526-09 Transfer Ordinance Download 1/7/2010
6159 1527-10 Approving the Editing and Inclusion of Certain Ordinance as Parts of the Various Component Codes of the Codified Ordinances of Williamsport, Pennsylvania Download 3/5/2010
6160 1528-10 Vacation of a Portion of Mosser Avenue Download 4/5/2010
6161 1529-10 Authorizing the Issuance of a General Obligation Note, Series of 2010, in the Maximum Principal Amount of $5,000,000 Download 4/5/2010
7645 Agreement for Legal Services with Solicitor Download 4/14/2009
6217 Towing Ordinance Download 9/6/12
8153 Engineering Agreement for Levee Download 10/4/2012
6249 Transfer Ordinance Download
6253 Zoning Text on Flood Damage Control Download
6254 Amending fee schedule Download
6243 Williamsport Rental Ordinance Download
6255 Approving the Editing & Inclusion of Certain Ordinances - Cofification Download
6256 East Third Street Gateway Revitalization Advisory Commission Download
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